Why Vainquir

“Greetings of the day”


After several months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to official announce the launch of our new web site on 2019! We invite you to visit us at www.vainqiur.com

Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn purchase in to new item. Vainquir Happy Shopping which is the one of the vg premier wholesales and retail online shopping in India.

The new attribute of the site is integrated social media buttons for Facebook WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn etc to foster improved communication with the client. We will constantly be updating our content with helpful information by articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and client successes in the new section.

If you want to promote your product through our site, we will assure you full responsibility there for, It will help you to improve the growth of your business


1. Wholesale: We are connecting manufacturers or distributer directly to wholesaler and retailers without any presence of mediators, So sale will be increase and it help to drive incremental revenue. We have sales executive in all over India (include remote areas) they will help you to promote and give awareness about your product and our site . 3rd party can’t access our whole sale site without permission and 2 step verification of our technical team, It is for privacy of manufacturers and wholesalers (eg: price difference)

2. Low Investments: When selling online, you don’t need to invest in physical store in an expensive market. You don’t need to hire sales staff, you don’t need to spend on Marketing and most importantly, you don’t have to worry about spending money to expand nationally.

3. National and Global Reach: An online marketplace like vainquir.com has buyers from different corners of the large cities, smallest towns and even the remotest lanes of your country. Millions of people coming to this online store and looking at your products. It can any local market or mail give you access to so many customers across the state and across the state? This massive reach improve your visibility, leading to more customers increasing your sale and growing your business. The global reach can be launched in after 3 months later.

4. Quick and On-time Payment: When selling online,there is no need to wait for a long time to get your money when you sell your products vainquir.com.It is quickest payment in the industry in (5 to 10 working days only).So there is no tension ,no paper works and no waiting.

5. Open 24*7(365 days of the year): An online store is live at all times and buyers have the convenience to make a purchase at any time they wish to.

This time flexibility-which is available for both buyers and sellers.It makes selling hassle free and gives you more time to grow your business and concentrate on other aspects of your life.

6. Feedback and Report:

How often do your customers come back to your store to inform you about their experience with the product they purchase from you?

Do you employ staff to do your account work, analyse data on inventory and sales? Do you have hard numbers to your offline store health? Then health of your business?

When you sell online on vainquir, you get all of this and more as a part of your account on seller. Customer around the country buy your products, give you ratings and feedback.

This feedback helps you improve your services and quality of product and good ratings increase your reputation and trust with customers and buyers. You also get detailed reports of how many sales you made, the money you’ve earned and when you will get in your account. All online, all live and all updated whenever you want.If you too are interested in selling online, then you can create your free account on vainquir happy shopping here, and happy selling online….!

Thank You
Vainquir Happy Shopping Private Limited